Red Bank Scout Group

We have been known to shout about our event, we do this because the public

who turn up year on year have this to say....


Mr G Morrell, Chorley - Absolutely fabulous, well done. We had a fantastic & night told everybody!

Mr M Colderly, Bolton - One word---- Excellent! Very well done to all involved, I was expecting a small scout bonfire and instead the Bonfire was Huuuuuuge. When it started we thought there was a huge helicopter coming over the trees. A great choice of music for the fireworks which were worthy of a display for Buckingham palace!

Mr K Spike, Bury - Amee loved it, she didn't want to go home

Nick, Coppull - Great display. the kids loved it, so did we. Sound effects were great. Music was great.



A note from the Group Scout Leader:

We did it! Another year and another superb show - a massive thank you to all involved, the public for their support and also to the local business's for their generosity.

An estimated 7500+ people turned out this year to watch a huge bonfire burn, and watch in awe whilst the Pyrotechnic Team gave us a first class show to equal the breathtaking soundtrack. The event has been billed as our biggest and best to date and thoughts are already turning to the 2nd November 2013... Please bookmark this site and visit us during the year.


After paying for the fireworks for next year, any remaining profits are put towards Scout Group funds for the benefit of young people aged 6 to 14 years.



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